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Some people desperately want birds to be coming and going from their outside feeders, but for one reason or another, it just isn’t working. Often the problem lies with how well stocked the feeder is, and if it is stocked with the right things.

Watching the wild birds, with all the variations of colours and patterns, gathering around your bird feeder provides a calming and uplifting scene. It can often be extremely frustrating when only a few birds ever come, but there are a few easy tricks you can do to achieve a popular bird feeder.

Firstly, it is important to use good quality seed. Birds use up so much energy, so they want their food to renew and replenish their energy sources. The cheap seed sold in bulk does not do this for them, as they contain a high proportion of added fillers which birds will not eat. They also become stale easily, and can be full of bugs. This stale birdseed is often thrown onto the ground, attracting mice and other rodents instead of beautiful birds.

Secondly, when selecting which birdseed to use, you must consider the biological needs of the birds. Due to their high metabolisms, they need fresh seed that is high in fat and proteins. You want to be looking for bird seed that does not contain fillers, and is 100% edible for the birds. If you pay for fresh seed, and replenish it when it becomes stale, you’ll attract all different and interesting birds.

You should also try to provide a variation of essential bird food, such as suet and nuts. These things, along with an easily accessible bird feeder, should attract enough birds to create a lively and fascinating environment.