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Odd as it is, cats often love to sit on the shoulders of their owners, seeing what life looks like from our viewpoint. Some only do it in the home, while others venture out for walks, even in cities, while sitting aloft their owner’s shoulders.

This is quite uncommon, and usually ‘shoulder cats’ are young and agile cats that can maintain the posture for some time. Funnily enough, research shows that the desire to do this stems simply from attention seeking behaviour. If they receive praise and approval, they will continue to do it, but this is quite a rare phenomenon.

Another thing that appeals to the cats is the height. It gives the cat a sense of security, as they can survey a lot of space without moving. When being restrained cats tend to try to escape, but if they’re perched on a shoulder they have the freedom to move at any point, adding to their security and enjoyment of this position.

Furthermore, it is often the case that kittens can happily sit on high on their owners shoulders, but as they grow, it becomes increasingly difficult.

It is not recommended to take your cat or kitten outside while they perch precariously on your shoulder, but if you insist on it, make sure they’re always on a lead and a harness. Cats can be easily spooked, especially in a big city, and you don’t want you kitten to bolt into the unknown and get lost.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that if you train your cat to leap from your shoulders to the ground, they equally learn to jump onto your shoulders. You could be walking round your house, and suddenly have a cat land on your shoulder with no warning whatsoever. If this startles you, it will produce a negative experience for the cat, creating confusion as to why your reception of their adorable quirk has changed.