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When it comes down to it, who doesn’t love the idea of a little cat snuggling down on your lap and acting as a fluffy hot water bottle? If you’re considering getting a cat, but not sure if you can make the commitment, this article will hopefully sway you in the right direction.

Here are 5 reasons that owning a cat will change your life (mostly for the better).

Firstly, a common reason to not get a fluffy little lifelong companion is budget. However, once you have the basics, your cat will be happy enough doing its own thing. Over the years you can save up and treat your best pal to, say, a large cat tree to spice up its life a little, but overall cats are quite content to potter round the house and chase patches of sunlight. And the old ‘chase the piece of string’ game is always a winner with the little guys.

Secondly, you might think you won’t be able to properly look after a kitten or cat, especially with regards to choosing the right food. But do not fear – pet food packaging is designed to appear appealing to humans (as we’re the ones buying it), making the choice seem a whole lot more difficult than it really is. In reality, your cat will wolf it down in 20 seconds without a care in the world, whatever brand you get. We can, of course, give  you lots of advice on which is the best food for your cat.

There is one significant downside to cat ownership… the cleaning. Firstly, hairballs – a weird hiccup chocking sound is often followed by a hairball – something you’ll likely be cleaning or hoovering up a lot. Secondly, cats have quite sensitive stomachs, so cleaning up a bit of cat vomit will become a norm. You may find it gross at the start, but soon your love for the little fella overwhelms the annoyance of the sick and/or cat wee on your floor.

Furthermore, your personal space and your cat’s personal space become one. Cats come and go when the please, and while they will sometimes expect you to leave them alone, they do not allow you the same curtesy. If they want attention, they will get it, whether it means clawing at the bathroom door so they can meow at you while you’re in the bath, to pawing at your face while you’re asleep to wake you up. However, this affection is sweet and welcome to most cat lovers.

Lastly, you really know the meaning of love. Kittens were blessed with an extra splash of adorableness at birth, and it is impossible not to fall in love with the gorgeous little fluffballs from the moment you see their huge ears and wide, curious eyes. All the annoying little things that cat will do, whether it be meowing in your face at 4am, become nothing compared to the affection you feel for them. Nothing beats having a cuddle with a warm purr-machine after a long day, or the delightfulness of them insisting they sleep right next to your head to be close to you. At the end of the day, they’re an (admittedly temperamental) but loving companion, and will definitely change your life for the better.