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Over the past few years there has been a massive decline in our native wildlife, none more so than our beloved Hedgehogs. This is due to intensive agriculture practices and loss of habitat, which in turn means less natural food availability. There has also been an increase in traffic on our roads leading to many casualties.

Our simple gardens provide an essential sanctuary for Hedgehogs; however the gardens need to be Hedgehog friendly. This means providing a wild area with native plants and perhaps a log pile and a small water source at the bottom of your garden. This will attract native insects, Beetles and Earthworms – along with Slugs which are the natural food our Hedgehogs need. This wild area doesn’t have to be a large space, just devote a small area of your garden and don’t forget the all important Hedgehog friendly access. Any extra help we can provide our hedgehogs is vital, so Homefeeds stocks a variety of specially designed feeds to give them an extra food source when natural resources are limited for them. 

For more detailed information click here for an RSPCA article on Hedgehog welfare