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Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

To get the best offers and relevant information, please use your card everytime you make a purchase. If you forget your card, you can bring back the receipt at a later date (with your loyalty card) for the points to be added to that sale. Loyalty accounts that have no previous transactions, may not receive relevant offers and information.

Card holders must have a valid postal address and be over the age of 16. Card holders must present their Loyalty Cards at the time of purchase to qualify for points. Card holders cannot add money to their card; it is a promotional Loyalty Card and not a cheque guarantee, debit or credit Card. Accumulated points can only be used against purchases, points cannot be redeemed as cash.

We reserve the right to immediately suspend and/or close any member’s loyalty account, for any reason we deem to regard as misuse. When you register for a Loyalty Card you agree to receive information from Homefeeds via the selected method chosen by you when joining, but this can be changed at anytime by contacting accounts@homefeeds.co.uk.

We will not share any information or data held on the loyalty card. The card remains the property of Homefeeds Ltd and must be returned to us on request or destroyed when no longer valid for use. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time.

We analyse customers purchase history to provide relevant offers and information based on their preferred brands, how often the card is used, and what products were purchased.