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Raw Dog Foods (Frozen)

Our range of Raw Dog Foods (Frozen) are a perfect addition to use in any raw or natural diets by adding variety and texture.

All of our meat products are sourced directly from approved abattoirs & cutting plants, and delivered in refrigerated vehicles.
Every product is processed quickly, and are blast frozen for quality, security & maximum freshness.
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We have the following minces available in 454gm frozen packs….all our minces* contain the recommended amounts of bone and offal, so messing around having to add heart, liver or kidney.

Minced Beef and Chicken £1.00
Minced Beef £1.00
Minced Beef Tripe £1.00
Minced Chicken and Tripe £1.00
Minced Chicken £1.00
Minced Duck and Tripe £1.00
Minced Game and Tripe £1.00
Minced Meaty Mix £1.00
Minced Rabbit £1.30
Minced Tripe and Oily Fish £1.00
Minced Turkey £1.00
Minced Venison £1.30

Discounts available for full trays and multiple trays, please contact us for more information on 01270 586250
* except beef tripe.

We have the following chunks available in 1kg frozen packs….

Mixed Oval Chunks £2.99
Rabbit Chunks (with bone) £3.99

We have the following items available in frozen packs….

Herring 1kg £3.99
Sprats 1kg £4.00
Sardines 1kg £4.00
Whole Mackerel 1kg £3.99
Salmon Heads (single) £1.00

We have the following items available in frozen packs….

Chicken Carcass 10pk £2.49
Chicken Backs 6pk £1.25
Chicken Necks 1kg £2.99
Chicken Wings 1kg £2.99
Duck Necks 1kg £2.99
Duck Wings 1kg £2.99
Turkey Necks 2pk £2.49
Rabbit Backs 1kg £3.99
Whole Rabbit (Small) £5.49
Pig Tails 5pk £2.49
Beef Ribs 2pk £1.70
Beef Marrow (Small) 2pk £1.49
Beef Knuckle Bone (Single) £0.99
Lamb Rib Quarters 2pk £2.49