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Reptile Food and Accessories

We have a great range of products for your reptile needs in our store – you will find a range of FROZEN food such as Mice, Rats and Chicks in various sizes. We also have a selection of dry foods for Tortoise, Turtle, Geko and Bearded Dragon. And we stock lighting, substrates, insect food,  supplements and more – we’ve got something for all your reptile needs.

And if you are after anything specific then let us know. We have access to 1,000’s products and can pretty much get anything that you want – just call and ask – it’s all part of the service.

We stock livefoods such as Mealworms, Mario Worms & Waxworms, and we have a weekly “to order” delivery of Crickets, Locust & Cockroaches. This weekly delivery ensures you receive your livefoods as fresh as possible. Please order on a Wednesday for delivery on Thursdays. Prices range from £1.99 for Mealworms, Morio Worms, Crickets, Locust & Waxworms – to £2.99 for Cockroaches.